Fundraising has never been so simple. Collect more, while doing less. Find out more. Zero cost to use! There is no additional cost to use our software. The only fees that are charged are from credit card processing. Contact Us

What is Donatezilla?

Online platform for collecting funds for any organization, group, or individual.

With Donatezilla registered nonprofits of all sizes have the ability to quickly and easily raise funds online through the power of social media. Embracing safe and secure social distancing participation for your nonprofit event. 


No Embarrassing Goals 

We get it, setting a goal for your campaign is a struggle.

Am I asking for too much?

Our only goal is to help someone in need, why put a price on that?


Easily Share on Social Media

Nothing!  Donatezilla keeps 0% of online transactions. Your organization is only charged credit card processing fees of $0.30 + 2.9% of each transaction. There is a minimum online transaction of $10

Just like your organization Donatezilla runs on donations. When you run an event we add a tip feature to the donation page. Tipping is completely optional for your donors. We want to keep Donatezilla running to make sure your non-profit can continue to run, so we ask for an additional tip to keep our big servers running.

There are no additional fees! The only fee you will be charged is $0.30 plus 2.9% per transaction.

We value the privacy of our organization, their donors and their families. No, we will never sell your organization’s or donor’s information to anyone. The only emails you or your donor will receive is a request for a donation and a receipt (Thank you) email for each donation made online.

All credit card processing is handled by our PCI compliant processor. Funds are deposited directly into the organizations bank account once per week. 

Reach more while worrying less. 

What Makes Donatezilla Different?

Donatezilla helps nonprofits of all sizes reach more donors and raise more funds while remaining transparent about all costs up front. 

Reach More Donors

Reach donors all over the country using the power of social media to expand your reach beyond the local market. Mobile friendly design with Email Marketing included at no extra cost.

Secure Payment Processing

We use 100% PCI compliant payment processor. Give your donors the piece of mind that their information is secure. Your donor's information is never shared with anyone.

Easy to Use Interface

Our dashboard and administration site is built with the user in mind. Easy to navigate and get the reporting you require for your nonprofit organization.

Transparent Cost

Donatezilla does not charge for the use of the platform. Instead we ask for an additional small donation to Donatezilla to continue our work. A portion of this donation is returned to the referring nonprofit.

# 1 for fundraising with social distancing built in!

We make fundraising easy!


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